The Inner (Pocket) Circle Club

Inner (Pocket) Circle Club

Pretty/Handsome wanted to provide our customers with the most streamlined and simple route to staying fresh and updated with the newest threads. The Inner (Pocket) Circle Club will provide 3 new pocket circles each month. Pretty/Handsome will choose 3 fabrics that will be available to members a month before it is available to the public.

The fabrics and color combinations will reflect the season and the month that it is being released. Pretty/Handsome will guarantee that you will never receive the same pocket circle.

The subscription is $50/month and you may cancel your subscription at anytime, though we would probably be very sad. If you sign up anytime before we ship out the next month's pocket circles we will send you the most current set. Shipments will begin on the 10th of each month.

We believe this is an amazing opportunity to build an electic and growing collection.

1 Pocket Circle: $20/Month

2 Pocket Circles: $40/Month

3 Pocket Circles: $60/Month