Imperial Find

There is something about vintage clothing that is really telling of goods made in the USA a few decades ago. Before the mass transition of outsourcing and in the process losing that quality control that many products need today. I enjoy frequenting the local thrift stores and finding little pieces here and there. Whether that is a vintage Pendleton or an amazing camel hair sports coat. The fit and trim of these pieces are what today’s cuts resemble and that is very indicative of what makers got right a long a time ago and how many lost their way throught the decades.


Just as I was about to call it a day I was lucky enough to find these shoes over the weekend. Upon further inspection I realized that this pair was an original pair of Florsheim Imperials. While the soles are in need of an upgrade the uppers are in extremely excellent condition. For $20 I couldn’t skip on the offer and took them home.

After giving the pair a good cleaning I became more interested in the history of the shoes and stumbled up this site, Vintage Shoe Addict, which gave a little history of the shoe and its decline in quality. Upon finding more information about the shoe I also stumbled on a photograph of the soles of the shoe and they are absolutely beautiful. Though, I would think, they may be quite slippery when wet.


Give yourself the opportunity to buy used, thrifted or vintage pieces and save a little money and prolong the life of some of these well made pieces. Even after tailoring or other cosmetic cost you may actually save more money than you would if you bought new.

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